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Welcome to Inovation. We specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke furniture and concessions stands to the highest standard for the cosmetics industries. Call us now on 0116 289 6555 to see how we can help you, or browse our site to find out more about us.

Inovation was established 2007 in Leicester by Carl Withers. Since Inovation was created, it has progressively grown in size and recently moved to a new 16,000 square foot premises. Over the years, Inovation has been building their client base with clients such as Bare Minerals, Benefit, Nails Inc and more.

We have recently built our own in house Corian, Solid Surfaces and Acrylic room. Along with the creation of a new spraying area with a brand new state of the art spray booth.

The work force has grown over this time, ranging from new sprayers right through to new project managers and designers. We have the work force to handle any job large or small and have the ability to deliver to the highest standard.

Every part of the job is quality controlled from the design stages right through to the final assembly of the unitary where a final sign off is granted when the project manager is happy.

Something else we offer at Inovation is a 3D rendering of the unitary so you can see exactly what it is you will be receiving before having the cost of building the unit to change aspects of the design.

Design Stage

Design Stage

Inovation have expanded their design department, bringing in new Project managers and designers. We have the work force to cover any size of job and the expertise to come up with better, cheaper and more efficient ways of production. The design stage starts with the client letting us know what they want and where they want it going, from this point, we create the technical drawings in depth to finalize the designs for the client to approve.



Once all the design work has been approved by the client, all the components for the job are picked off and produced on the CNC. This goes through the process of picking off the parts, programming them, loading the machine with the required material and codes and off load. Once this has all been completed, it is then passed onto the production team where the units are put together.



Construction first starts with the dry fix where the joiners collect all the parts required for the job and screw them together checking dimensions, and that everything is working as it should. It is then dismantled and completely built as it will be installed on the site. If it needs spraying this is when it will be broken down, sprayed and put back together. Next comes the electrics and any acrylic panels which are required in any of the headers. This is passed onto the installation team where it is then installed, cleaned, photographed and signed off by the contact on site.

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Inovation Group
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Tel: 0116 289 6555

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